About Us

Big or Small, We Have Your Safety In Mind.

When seconds count, your fire protection system can save your life. With the ever-changing landscape and progression of fire sprinkler systems, you want to be sure that you have the best possible system for your home or business. We have solutions for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial contractors. We will work with you to draft the best possible fire protection system for your needs. Our designs save your life or the lives of your customers when a fire breaks out. This system can also help save your building. You can rest assured that your sprinkler system is drafted with fast fire sprinkler in mind every time we draft a new design.

We are capable of designing various types of fire sprinkler systems such as wet & dry, pre-action, deluge, ESFR, CMSA, etc. Whatever system that you're working on, we can give you a design that will save you time and money.

About the Owner

Fernandez Mckenley has been working in the fire sprinkler industry since 1999. While studying for his degree in architecture he got a job working as a fire sprinkler draftsman doing hand drawing. He stayed in this position for 5 years then went on to further his studies in England. On returning to the United States he got a job as a layout technician with a well-established company in New York. He worked there for two years and then moved on to another company where he was the supervisor for the engineering department, he was responsible for training new staff and checking design before they were sent to AHJ for approval. His zeal for learning more about the industry took him to another company in Upstate New York where he worked as a project manager/Layout Technician.

After years of acquiring experience in estimation, sprinkler design, project management in the fire protection industry he decided to do freelance fire sprinkler design. He started advertising his services on freelance websites where he gained a few clients. After three years of freelance work “F2M FADDS Inc” was created.

As the fire protection industry is moving forward and new legislation is created, requiring sprinklers to be installed in houses, we find that our services are in high demand among contractors. This means that we work with fire sprinkler installation contractors instead of being their competitor. We love to work hand in hand with our contractors to help free up their time so that they can take on more clients and projects.

Currently, we work with contractors as if we are part of their in-house team learning their particular preferences and design techniques. We make sure that we ask questions that need to be asked so that we can turn around a fire protection design drafts quickly and efficiently.